10 Key Characteristics Of A Spiritual Person

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10 Key Characteristics of a Spiritual Person

A spiritual person is someone who places high value on spirituality, which is the experience and study of divine and non-physical reality.

Now and then you meet someone who you really want to be around because they make you feel empowered, understood and accepted.

These are the kind of spiritual people who are so much more than a yoga mat poser or a good-time guru.

Being a spiritual person in a real way means being an authentic person who’s a friend and an ally on this rocky road of life.

Someone who can chart the inner path to self-healing and growth and help others do likewise.

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# They know that not one-size-fits-all

One of the primary characteristics of a spiritual person is openness.

While everyone has their values and principles, the spiritual person knows that one-size does not fit all.

#They are listeners and patient, willing to wait and see.

They take action when necessary and are effective people in the world around them, but they don’t act unnecessarily or stir up drama and conflict when it’s unnecessary.

They allow diversity and difference to flourish around them and take note of even their own negative reactions to people and situations as learning experiences, instead of interpreting them as condemnations.

# They don’t consider themselves superior to others

Being a spiritual person is about fundamentally embracing the truth that salvation is not “above” the earth or in some obscure, invisible realm, but through our relation with the earth right under our feet.

The spiritual person truly does not consider themselves superior to others.

They look in wonder at the human creation and could be humbled by a woodworker or a mechanic as that person explains their trade to them.

The spiritual person genuinely values the spectrum of human talents and interests. To them it is an incredible tapestry.

The idea that their spiritual path or experiences would make them better or more “advanced” than others around them is far from their mind or life.

# They respect the different religious and spiritual views of those around them

Spiritual people have often been through many evolutions.

One of the characteristics of a spiritual person is that they give other people room and respect to go through their own evolutions and walk their own path in terms of their religious and spiritual beliefs.

The genuine spiritual person doesn’t seek out “gotcha” debates or want to be “right” and disprove others.

They respect that others may firmly believe in a certain religion or spiritual path and the spiritual person works to learn and be open to what they can from that path.

The spiritual person doesn’t keep score. They let others live their truth as long as it’s not actively harmful.

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# They don’t latch onto or worship gurus and spiritual teachers

Many people suffering from spiritual ego latch onto gurus and spiritual teachers.

They often fall into the codependent trap of wanting someone to “save” or “fix” them externally.

Of course, it never works.

And sometimes it leads to even worse situations of abuse and manipulation.

# They voluntarily help and care for others

Another of the main characteristic of a spiritual person is someone who voluntarily helps and cares for others.

They don’t do it for money, recognition, or rewards, they do it because they can.

They also extend that kindness to caring for the environment, animals, their own home, and common public spaces.

They do kind things for others and help where they can because they have embraced the Golden Rule.

The spiritual person has embraced their own inner journey and therefore is ready and effective at helping the world outside as well.

# They care about their surroundings and the realities of daily life

One of the problems with people who “tune out” and think of the spiritual life as an escape from regular life is that they often become disconnected.

They live in such a state of hyper-positivity and “bliss” that they end up losing touch with their surroundings and the realities of daily life. This is a key danger of spiritual ego.

And it’s something that the genuinely spiritual person has overcome on their journey.

The spiritual person relishes making a delicious meal.

Or sharing an evening with a glass of wine and a loved one’s company.

Or even playing a fun board game with family and enjoying the magic of laughter.

They’re fully in the present and engaged with the reality of daily life.

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# They know that love starts with loving and respecting themselves

Another superb characteristic of a spiritual person is that they love and respect themselves.

They don’t hide or repress their negatives, and they don’t boast or inflate their positives.

They accept and fully actualize their own power and love of themselves to validate their place in our living biome.

As the world-renowned shaman, Rudá Iandê teaches in his free masterclass on finding true love and intimacy, the search for love that is meaningful and lasting starts within.

This is something that the spiritual person experiences every day.

It is not that they never feel sad, disappointed or angry. It is that on the fundamental, living and breathing level they have said yes to life and their place in it.

# They’re humble and open to learning and new experiences

Another of the characteristics of a spiritual person is humility.

They don’t overestimate themselves or seek out ego trips.

They love to help out and make a difference, but not for their own glory. They don’t over-promise and under-deliver, they take each situation as it comes realistically and plan for the future with practical common sense and reasonable, informed optimism.

Being truly spiritual means being humble in the true sense. Not in being shy or ashamed of our power, but in owning our power and connection with the earth.

# Injustice and egotism make them genuinely sad

Another thing when it comes to the characteristics of a spiritual person is that injustice and egotism make them genuinely sad.

This does not mean it shakes their core self-identity or that it makes them want to blame, fight and be “right.”

It’s a little different:

They genuinely feel disappointed, because they know a better way is possible. They see people fall into the same temptations and instincts without being conscious and feel frustrated on a wider level.

It’s not about being personally mad at someone or thinking they’re a bad person for being an egotist, or greedy or hateful. Instead, it’s frustration at how they could be so much more.

# They know that love isn’t all sunshine and roses

Another of the characteristics of a spiritual person is that they’re an emotional realist.

What I mean by this is that they know that love and spirituality isn’t all sunshine and roses.

By getting in touch with the power of our breath we can tap into a deep spiritual energy, and even in doing this you may come across many “negative” and difficult traumas and pain in yourself.

The spiritual person knows that trauma and pain are part of the spiritual journey and that life can be truly difficult.

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