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10 Tips To Help You Think Positive In A Negative Situation

By: Kratika Tue, 04 May 2021 2:02 PM

10 Tips To Help You Think Positive in a Negative Situation

When the world is going haywire, it’s easy to have negative thoughts, but learning how to think positive in those situations can change your life.

Negative thoughts are a poison to our minds and our lives. They seep in, to ruin our days and make us feel down. When we let negative thoughts take over, we become more negative people overall. We complain more, we don’t see the good in people, and we can even become withdrawn. Learning how to think positive isn’t about being unrealistic or avoiding the truth. It is about seeing the good parts of life and enjoying them.

Learning how to think positive is about knowing the negatives of reality and choosing to focus on the better things.

Thinking positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time, or that there is anything wrong with feeling down once in a while. It means that you can deal with the bad stuff by growing instead of dwelling.

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# Acknowledge your situation for what it is

Whether your negative situation is long-term or not, take time to be realistic. Sometimes something short-term can feel worse than it is. But when you realize it isn’t forever, it can help you think more positively.

# Have a good support system

No matter what your situation is, talking about it and getting out your frustrations is helpful. Having a good support system or friends, family members, or even coworkers is a great way to remind you that you aren’t alone.

# Be actively grateful

Take time throughout your day to be actively grateful. This can be different for everyone. Maybe for you, it means writing down five things in your life you’re grateful for. Or perhaps it means saying thank you to your assistant, the person that makes your coffee, or someone who held the elevator for you.

Taking time to acknowledge the big and little positives in your life can change your focus.

# Get fresh air

Getting time outside can change your perspective. Getting fresh air and just experiencing the world on a different scale can change your mood. Eat your lunch outside or just walk around your yard. A simple change of scenery can change your mood from negative to positive.

tips to help you think positive,thinking positive in negative situation,mates and me,relationship tips

# Get enough rest

This can be hard to do when you are stressed and feeling negative. But ensuring your body is getting the rest it needs is so important. If you’re struggling with something and feel like you can’t defeat negative thoughts, a lack of sleep can make that worse.

Try to list what you’re grateful for before going to sleep so those are your final thoughts at night.

# Add positivity to others’ lives

Sometimes helping ourselves is a lot harder than helping others. When you’re feeling negative about something and can’t seem to shake those feelings, turn someone else’s day into a positive. Surprise your coworkers with coffee. Reach out to a friend. Compliment a stranger on their outfit or hair. These little things can make someone’s day, and knowing you helped make them feel more positive will, in turn, help you as well.

# Work on your passion

If you are stuck in a dead end job that gives you nothing but negative thoughts, take time for your passion until you can change jobs. If your passion is music or art or cooking, take time to focus on those things that make you happy and give you purpose.

One part of your life may not be positive, and we may never feel positive about everything, but remember you do have something positive to focus on.

tips to help you think positive,thinking positive in negative situation,mates and me,relationship tips

# Make a plan

Make a plan to get out of that situation. Having a goal and reaching towards that can be motivating. It is also encouraging to know that your negative situation has a positive end result. If you save up for 6 months, can you leave your job to follow your dream? If you hate your apartment and landlord, what can you do to get out of your lease? Control what you have control over.

# Adjust to changes

Be realistic with your plans. Plans are great but don’t always go how we expected. Learn to handle those changes. Maybe you were hoping to leave your job in 3 months but now your hours were cut. Can you make it work in 4 months, or can you do something on the side to make your original plan viable?

# Accept what is out of your control

This is one of the best ways know how to think positive when you’re in a negative situation. Sometimes, things are out of our control. We may not like a coworker or get annoyed how our roommate does something, but there is only so much you can do in certain situations.

You cannot change other people. Sometimes, you have to face negative things and accept them for what they are. It is up to you to let some negative things affect your life the way they are. Accepting that something is out of your control and working on your response, and things that you can control, will keep you positive.

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