7 Signs He Is Not Ready For A Relationship

By: Kratika Tue, 12 Oct 2021 1:51 PM

7 Signs He is Not Ready for a Relationship

Whether your guy is a talker or more of the strong silent type, it can be hard to get some men to share how they’re feeling. Luckily for those of you with a less than forthcoming fella, there are ways for you to read the signs he’s ready for a relationship or not.

And whether you have been flirting, dating, or on the verge of a serious relationship, it is nice to know where you stand with him. The signs he’s not ready for a relationship may be even more important than the signs that he is. These are the red flags. The signs that tell you to either slow things down or halt them altogether.

If he shows these signs, he may need more time or he could just be someone that isn’t destined to settle down

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# He is only interested when you’re busy

The sign of a guy who is not at all ready to be in a healthy and committed relationship. If he is MIA when you reach out, but messages back to back when you are busy with work or friends or just you time, he is all about the chase.

Guys that thrive on the chase are not ready to be in a relationship where both people are respected and talk about their feelings.

# He pulls away when things get tough

Every relationship has its ups and downs. How you handle the downs shows how good and often the ups are. If you aren’t even dating and he already pulls away at the first sign of work, he is not ready for a relationship.

If instead of opening up and being there for you, he shuts down when times get tough and things get real, he isn’t prepared to be in a relationship.

# He invalidates your feelings

This is the sign of a guy who isn’t ready for a relationship and may never be. I don’t want to say he is incapable of learning, but the type of guy who acts like your feelings don’t matter is not about to change his ways.

There are some guys that simply aren’t mature enough to deal with emotions or your feelings and they can learn from experience. But, the ones that can’t even see that your feelings are important so he doesn’t even try to help or listen is the one you want to run from.

signs he is not ready for a relationship,guy is not ready for,relationship,relationship tips,mates and me

# He doesn’t ask you anything

A relationship is give and take. You want to know more about this person and you want them to know about you. But, he never asks you anything. Maybe you ask him about his family, his job, and his friends, but he doesn’t even ask you how your day was.

Whether you know a lot about him or not, if he doesn’t try to learn more about you, it’s because he is more concerned with himself than anyone else.

# He breaks promises and commitments

This is a big one. A guy that can’t show up on time to a movie or call you when he says he will is not someone that can commit to you are a relationship. The small things are just a glimpse into how he responds to the bigger stuff.

# He’s selfish

This is plain and simple, but we can overlook it. Because we often take on a caregiver role, we offer to help him by driving to see him or canceling our plans for him, but someone that cares about you would care about your other commitments and find your time to be worth something.

A guy showing signs he’s not ready for a relationship will gladly let you do anything and everything for him without offering anything in return, maybe even a thank you.

# He calls his ex/exes crazy

Unless his ex slashed his tire and threw a brick through his window, he should not be calling any woman crazy. When a man does this, he says he never took the time to listen to her. If she complained that much, there was probably a reason.

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