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7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Interested In Your Friend

By: Kratika Wed, 13 Oct 2021 3:27 PM

7 Signs Your Boyfriend is Interested in Your Friend

There are attractive people all over. We know they exist, but they’re not accessible to us. If your partner is eyeing your friend, that’s a different story. This isn’t just someone we pass when we walk down the street. It is someone we’re emotionally connected to. Your friend may be cute, so what do you do if you see the alarming signs your boyfriend is interested in your friend?

You can’t do much. He should know that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. It’s one thing to find someone attractive. It’s another to develop feelings for them. This, of course, isn’t what you want to happen.

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He brings up your friend a lot

Whenever you’re talking about something, never mind what the topic is, he somehow weasels your friend into the conversation. He’ll bring up things that they say or jokes they told, which is fine until it becomes obvious. If he’s constantly bringing them up in conversation, I would keep an eye on that.

# They talk

Yup, this one is something you should definitely keep an eye on. If they were friends before you started dating, that’s fine. However, if you see they’re talking quite often and only met each other once you started dating–it’s weird. If they’re always texting, calling, and sharing things on social media together, it’s not normal.

# He becomes the best boyfriend when your friend is around

Not that he’s a bad boyfriend when your friend isn’t around, but when they are around, he’s an improved version of himself. He does everything you ask, he does his best to make you happy. Weird… why does he do this only when your friend is around? Is he trying to hint something to them?

# He’s always creeping their social media

Okay, we all creep on people’s social media. I mean, that’s why it’s there. It’s the creeping tool. Although, if your boyfriend is always liking their posts and photos, constantly knowing what they’re doing, I have one question. Why? Why do they know all of this about them? And why does he care so much?

signs your boyfriend is interested in your friend,mates and me,relationship tips

# He pushes to hang out with your friend

He doesn’t suggest hanging out with your friend once or twice, he’s constantly asking for you to invite them over or spend your weekend all together. If he wants your friend to hang out with you a lot, this could be because he wants to see your friend. Pretty sneaky of him, right?

# He doesn’t like any of their partners

If they bring over new dates, your boyfriend doesn’t like any of them. It’s almost as if he’s jealous. You see him getting annoyed and angry after they leave your place. Why does he care about their dating life? Unless… he likes your friend.

# He makes references about your friend being his second partner

You know how people use the phrase “work wife” or “work husband” to talk about people they connect with who aren’t their partners? Yeah, well, he’s doing the same thing only with your best friend. Sure he could be joking, maybe in hopes of not making your friend feel like a third wheel, but it stings.

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