7 Tips To Stay Classy At A Party

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7 Tips To Stay Classy at a Party

A party's always a great place to meet new people, no matter when and where it is, and who the other guests are. Some parties are better for meeting potential dates and new friends, while you can use others to make important connections that will move your career forward.

However, you wont be able to enhance your social life or your working life if all the people at the parties you attend think that youíre a complete fool. To avoid being thought of this way, you've simply got to put your best foot forward and make a positive impression on the other guests.

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# Don't drink too much

This isn't to say that you shouldn't have a good timeout just don't want to be the one throwing up at the dinner table or all over the host's couch. Know approximately how many drinks you can have without starting to feel queasy, and stick to that limit, even if others try to goad you into drinking more.

To further reduce your risk of woofing your cookies, make sure you eat a bit of food as you drink, and if you can tell that your walk is starting to become more of a stumble, switch to water for a while.

# Remember your table manners

Some people, after they've had a few alcoholic beverages, completely let their dining etiquette go. They'll start chewing with their mouth open, scarfing down chips, spewing them back into the dish, and dribbling their beverages on others without apologizing.

You should do whatever you can to avoid being one of those people, since if you are, you'll certainly be talked about after an event. It might even get you blacklisted from all the hottest events!

# Wear proper clothing and keep it on

Before you head out to a party, ask the host what the accepted style of dress will be. You don't want to show up in flip-flops and shorts while the other guests are in suits or ball gowns.

If there's no particular style specified, use common sense when selecting your outfit. For example, you should know that a t-shirt that says ì#1 Panty Inspector or squeeze Mel across the chest is not appropriate for a work function. Whatever you wear, keep it on throughout the duration of the party. Streaking may have been cool when you were 15, but it'll just make you look like a loser now.

tips to stay classy at a party,mates and me,relationship tips,stay classy

# Find a private place for romance

It's understandable that you may come upon a girl or guy youíre attracted to at a party, and the next step after some flirting will likely be a lip-lock.

However, there's no need to put on a show for everyone by engaging in tonsil hockey in the middle of a crowded room. Find a quiet place to go with your love interest, or if that seems impossible, leave the event altogether to get some private time.

# Don't hook up with multiple people

Even if youíre not doing it in front of everyone, it's not cool to hook up with multiple girls or guys at the same party. If you do so, people may start to talk about you as someone who's way too promiscuous.

Plus, if youíre looking for a relationship, a potential mate may not think youíre girlfriend or boyfriend material once they learn that youíve swapped spit with a couple of their good friends or co-workers within the same few hours.

tips to stay classy at a party,mates and me,relationship tips,stay classy

# Watch your humor

When we're drunk, that little voice in our heads that often says, ìDonít say thatóitís not polite!î tends to get quieter and quieter, until it's no longer even speaking to us. We then are more likely to say things that offend or even anger other people.

Offense and anger usually disrupt the fun atmosphere of a party pretty quickly. So youíve got to remember to filter your words, even when youíre feeling very fuzzy-headed. Keep in mind the acronym RRSórace, religion, and sexual orientation. Donít make any jokes about these topics, no matter how funny you think theyíll be, as these are the ones that tend to get people very riled up.

# Don't break anything

Whether youíre partying in a public place, or at someoneís home, youíve got to respect the property of the host. You may feel like smashing a bunch of wine glasses in victory after winning a card game or trivia match, but thisíll just make you look like a bit of a jackass. Of course, if youíre even a bit tipsy, you could break things by accident, too. So itís best to avoid any electronics or breakables that you spot around a partyís venue.

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