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7 Ways To Up Your Chances Of Finding A Bumble BFF

By: Kratika Tue, 08 June 2021 1:30 PM

7 Ways To Up Your Chances of Finding a Bumble BFF

Friendships are complicated many times, many times more than a relationship also. You need to have a strong connection with someone to be friends with and make it last long. Each person in friendship need to add some good thing into others life and should have similarities with each other.

You may have heard of the app Bumble before, but did you know it’s not JUST a dating service? If you just moved to a new town or you’re not the best at making friends, this app can make all the difference and even connect you with a Bumble BFF.

You can’t just walk up to a random person and start being friends. Friendship doesn’t really work that way. You need a middleman to help connect you and that’s exactly what Bumble BFF does.

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# Be honest

The thing about making friends is that if you don’t have common interests, it won’t work very well. Think about all the other friends you’ve ever had in your life. You likely met through shared activities or ended up having hobbies in common.

That being said, you need to be honest about the things you like to do. Don’t put down that you love traveling if you get home sick after a day. Being honest with the person is the best and fastest way to ensure they’ll want to be your friend.

# Add pictures that look fun

The difference between using the Bumble BFF feature and just using it for dating purposes is that you can upload different photos. Instead of using pictures that make you look attractive, use ones that make you look fun.

Other people always want to be around fun individuals. If you show someone that you’re fun and goofy, it’ll attract those who like to have fun. So don’t go for all those selfies. Instead, post pictures of you doing activities or out with friends.

# Fill out your bio

I still don’t understand why some people looking for a Bumble BFF wouldn’t make a bio. This is your one chance to give them information about yourself to see if you two are compatible as friends.

Never skip this step. Even if you just put down a few words describing your interests, it’s better to have very little than to have nothing. However, more is always better in this case.

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# Mention your real interests

When you do write out your bio, make sure you keep it real with your interests. You never want to put down things you don’t actually enjoy.

Sure, it might sound cool if you to love camping and hiking. But if you hate those things, you’ll only attract people you won’t get along with. That’s why you have to write the things you do enjoy – even if they’re a little embarrassing. You never know what friends you could make who love the same things.

# Be a little goofy in your bio

Another great thing you should do in your bio in order to find a Bumble BFF is to just be goofy and silly. Make a joke in your bio. Show them you’re not all serious and you love to goof around a bit. This does wonders in attracting a friend with a similar personality – something very important in friendship.

# Let your personality shine through

With your photos, bio, and conversations, let your true personality come through. You want to make sure you’ll vibe well with the person you connected with.

And that means they’ll have to be able to see your real personality. Of course, there are always nerves involved with this type of thing. Just be sure that your personality is still coming through. Don’t hold back.

# Say hello first

It’s funny how nerve-racking finding a Bumble BFF can be. Sometimes it’s almost easier to use the app for dating than for finding a friend. One way to ease the tension is to just make sure you say hi first.

Send that first message. You both have 24 hours to message one another before the connection disappears forever. Don’t waste that time. If you message the other person first, they’ll feel less nervous since it seems like you already like them a lot.

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