8 Signs That Tell You Are Being Used By A Man

By: Kratika Wed, 13 Oct 2021 3:27 PM

8 Signs That Tell You are Being Used By a Man

You know the saying, “love is blind,” while cliché, it’s true. Being in love is amazing, and everyone should experience it. But you want to share your love with someone who appreciates and loves you back. If not, you’re going to be hurt—and I swear I’ll come over there myself and kick his ass! So, please, do me a favor and memorize these signs you’re being used by a man.

When you really like a guy, you don’t always see the things happening in front of you. When it comes to love, you’ll be surprised by the things you ignore or simply don’t see.

If you feel something is off, you’re probably right. You’re a woman, after all, you have your intuition working for you.

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# You feel it

You know when someone is using you. You feel something is off. This feeling is there for a reason, don’t ignore it. If you do, you’ll only get yourself hurt. If you feel uncomfortable and suspicious, your body is telling you something. This guy is lying about something. And if he’s lying to you now, he’ll continue to do it.

# They’re nice when they want to be

In the beginning, he was super nice, but now, he’s only nice when he needs something. If he only treats you nicely and with respect when he feels like it, he’s using you. Relationships don’t work like that, you either respect the person or you don’t. If you notice him being super nice right before asking for a favor, he’s using you.

# You have a hard time saying no

You usually don’t have a problem, but when you’re around him, you have a hard time saying no. When you’re being used by someone, they use all the tricks in the book to manipulate you. If you find yourself falling for their tactics and end up doing everything they want, they’re using you.

# He loves asking for favors

It’s the only thing you really get to talk to him about. He doesn’t call for anything else unless it’s about sex or favors. I know you want to help him because you like him, but if he’s constantly asking favors from you, he’s just using you. All you need to do is stop feeling guilty and say no.

signs that tell you are being used by a man,mates and me,relationship tips

# He calls you on his time

When you text or call him, it’s radio silence, but when he wants to get a hold of you, he’ll call or text you obsessively. If he really cared, he would respond to your calls and texts like a normal person. Maybe because he’s using you, he doesn’t see you as someone important until the right moment.

# He doesn’t fulfill your needs

There are things you’d like to see or places you’d like to go, but he doesn’t do anything you want. He ignores your needs completely and makes you feel like you’re just there to serve him. And that’s because you are. Your needs don’t matter to him, what matters is that you pay attention to his needs.

# He gets angry when you don’t fulfill his needs

If you don’t do what he says, he becomes angry. And then he punishes you. He’ll ignore your calls or texts, posts things on social media, and make you feel extremely guilty. If he’s guilt-tripping you and making you do crazy favors, it’s time to let him go. He’s using you.

# He only calls at night

This is such a classic move and one of the clearest signs you’re being used by a man. He probably told you he works a lot or his days are super busy, but that’s crap. Unless you only hook up on a specific day of the week, there’s no reason for him to only call you at night. If that’s the case, he’s only using you for sex.

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