8 Tips To Be Successful With Ladies

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8 Tips To Be Successful With Ladies

There is no single rule that will help you become more successful with women. It’s not like you can just flip a switch, and suddenly, there’s a line of women at the door, waiting to be with you. The truth is, attracting, keeping and being successful with women is a dynamic thing. It involves compromise, evolving, changing tactics, and a whole bunch of other things that you may or may not have control over.

Sadly, too many men think that they just need to do this one thing, and they’ll be the Casanova they’ve always wanted to be. Don’t be that guy. Be the guy who can change and modify his moves in order to snag a date with the woman of his dreams.

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# No one is out of your league

Not because you are Superman, but because of this one little thing: leagues don’t exist. Seriously, they don’t. And if the stuck up princess at the bar stares you down and tells you your job or looks are not good enough, well, it’s her loss.

# There are, however, women who are genuinely not interested

Although not pleasant, this is perfectly normal. People are different. Their tastes, needs and desires vary widely, and do not necessarily correspond with what you have to offer. Do not take it personally, and do not feel offended. There are plenty of women that are not to your liking either.

# There is also a friend zone

Getting out of it ranges from tricky to almost impossible. Successfully, that is. Take your openings when you see them or risk being stuck in one of the last places you want to be, when trying to win a woman’s heart.

# Know when to back off

Fighting for your interest is all well and good. In fact, one side’s determination is often what gets and keeps many couples together. Just know that there is a fine, fine line between being persistent and being obsessively intrusive. Make sure you don’t cross it.

tips to be successful with ladies,mates and me,relationship tips

# Take rejection like a gent

In case you didn’t pick that up on the four previous points, if you have to step aside, do it graciously. This means no insults, no screaming, no talking and playing games behind the other person’s back, and this should completely blow over by itself. It may not seem like it at the time, but being the bigger person always pays off.

# Have your own style

Don’t follow fashion blindly. Bend the trends and make them work for you. It’s infinitely more important to be classy than to be trendy. Who needs swag when you’ve got class?

# Eye contact has a certifiable magnetic pull

Many men don’t fully utilize it, because they consider it a woman’s weapon. Others avoid it, because they are shy and are not sure how to do it right. Both of those are grizzly mistakes. Learning how to make potent eye contact is easy and brings enormous rewards.

# Smile often

Some men wear their frown as a parade uniform and it suits them very, very well. Others are so quick with a smile that it is almost as if their faces are in constant standby, waiting for a reason to curve their lips. What you need to understand is this: smiles are insanely fresh and sexy, when you use it the right way

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