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8 Tips To Make Him Miss You And Desire You Way More

By: Kratika Fri, 26 Nov 2021 09:38 AM

8 Tips To Make Him Miss You and Desire You Way More

Guys often make dating far harder than it needs to be. They make the effort, come forward a little, get you excited, and suddenly back off. It’s infuriating and enough to make you hate dating! However, the key is to know how to make him miss you. By doing that, you’ll always be the one with the reins of control in your hands.

Making a guy miss you is a subtle art. It’s about being yourself, allowing a little distance *but not too much*, and letting him know that you’re an independent person who won’t be messed around!

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# Back off a little

It’s tempting to be ‘all in’ when you meet someone you like, especially when things get confusing. However, it’s important to remember that you must keep things controlled. Back off just a little and see if he comes running.

# Stop texting first

I know, this is game playing at its best. But if you’re always the one to text first, he’s going to take it for granted that he doesn’t need to put in the effort, because you’ll always do it. If you want to learn how to make him miss you, wait it out.

# Make sure you wait before texting back

Don’t text straight back. It makes him think that you’re waiting for him and that gives him the control! Wait a while before you reply, and he’ll wonder what you were doing that made you so busy.

# Focus on yourself more

This is not a bad thing. Focusing on yourself means that you’re happy and balanced. When you focus totally on him, you’re likely to either scare him off, or lose yourself in the process. It’s also very attractive when someone focuses on themselves and shows their independence.

tips to make him miss you,mates and me,relationship  tips

# Say ‘no’ to dates occasionally

Okay, you might not want to, but by saying ‘no’ to a date sometimes *not all the time*, you’re showing that you have a busy life! He’ll wonder what that is, and it’s one of the ways to learn how to make him miss you. He’ll also value the time you do spend together far more.

# Use social media for updates on what you’re doing

Social media can be a great tool here. Update your status with where you are, what you’re doing and add photos with your friends, or by yourself. It will show him that you have a life outside of him, and he’ll feel like he wants to be more of a part of it.

# Have a signature scent that lingers

What is your signature scent? Learn it and make sure that you allow it to linger in his car or his house, etc., that way, whenever he sniffs it, he’ll remember you and miss your presence.

# Be a little mysterious

You don’t have to tell him everything about you, or about what you’ve been up to. Sometimes being a little mysterious is a great way to keep him on his toes. How to make him miss you? Be mysterious!

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