8 Ways To Love In A Way They Want To Be Loved

By: Kratika Fri, 13 May 2022 2:59:01

8 Ways To Love in a Way They Want To Be Loved

Love is a huge concept that is different for everyone. Now, if you’re wondering how to love someone, we can’t exactly tell you how. You are your own person, and you have your own way of showing love. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you along.

What is love? Can you describe it? No, probably not. It’s just something you feel deep inside of you. When you feel it, you want to be affectionate towards that person and show your love through kind actions. But it is more than hugs and kisses or saying, ‘I love you.’

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# Accept them for who they are

The best way to love is by accepting them for who they are, including their imperfections. You cannot go into a relationship wanting to change the person you’re with.

Love is selfless. It celebrates the person you’re with for who you are. Don’t think you’re going to “fix” your partner. If that’s your plan, then you do not truly love them for who they are.

# What’s your love language?

You need to know how you express your love and see how your partner expresses their love. The odds are that you two won’t do it the same.

This isn’t a bad thing; it’s good to know how you two communicate. How do you two prefer to show your love?

# Listen

It may seem simple but, you can show love through listening. If you don’t listen, how do you know who they are?

Listen and get to know your partner. You’ll not only build a stronger relationship, but you’ll learn more about your partner. Get to know them, and you’ll love them even more.

ways to love in a way they want to be loved,mates and me,relationship tips

# Talk, talk, talk

We don’t talk enough. Do you really tell your partner what’s on your mind? Do they tell you? Use your words to express how you feel towards them.

If they make you happy, then tell them. If you want them to know they’re the reason why you wake up smiling, tell them! You don’t need to throw compliments every two seconds, but verbal compliments are always appreciated.

# How do they want to be loved?

Have you asked them how they want to receive love? They’re the only person who knows what they like and wants out of a partner.

What does your partner see as love? What are their beliefs? This will give you a better insight into how they want to see their relationship.

ways to love in a way they want to be loved,mates and me,relationship tips

# What are their needs?

Love requires more than just holding hands and cuddling. What are your partner’s needs? What would help make their life a little bit easier?

If you pay attention, you’ll notice what’s going on in their life and how you can make things better.

# Engage in their life

They probably have their own set of hobbies and interests that don’t align with you, and that’s fine. You don’t need to like the same things as your partner. Love is about showing your support and interest in their hobbies. Watch their basketball game or try painting with them.

# Spend quality time with them

Time, time, time. We never have the time, but you need to spend quality time with your partner when it comes to your partner.

This doesn’t mean you have to invest every waking moment by their side. But when you do hang out with your partner, make the time with them count.

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