9 Tips To Help Ease Nervousness

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9 Tips To Help Ease Nervousness

Feeling nervous is something everyone goes through. It might be getting nervous because you go on a date, about to take a driving test, or sit for an exam. Maybe you suffer from a more general nervousness which makes you shy and find it difficult to engage with other people. Whatever the reason for your nerves, we have 9 tips for how not to be nervous.

There are different levels of nervousness, and it is natural to feel nervous in some situations. However, feeling nervous can be a real pain. The most annoying thing, it tends to creep up on us when we least want it to!

Situations such as going on a date, when you want to feel cool, calm, and collected, not a sweaty, shaking mess. Or if you give a speech or take a test, nerves make you forget everything. No matter how well-prepared you are. And they really get in the way of many important events!

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# Be prepared

Being prepared for whatever you face helps you feel more confident and keeps those nerves in check, be it an exam or a job interview. Anything you can be prepared for, make sure you are.

Don’t go into a test having done no revision, or go on a date with no plan. You help yourself easily by preparing thoroughly, so make sure that you do!

# Do your research

If you know what to expect then you will be able to visualize yourself in certain situations which helps you feel calmer.

Find out about something before you must do it. If you head to a new place that you think might make you nervous, do some research about it before you go. If you get nervous traveling, why not read about it and put those fears to bed.

# Be positive

Having a positive mindset actually works wonders when it comes to keeping those anxious feelings at bay. It’s very easy. When going into a situation that you know makes you nervous, you immediately start to worry about it or to think that the worst will happen.

Try to focus on the positives instead. Think about how great you feel when you overcome your nerves. Imagine yourself acing that test, or having a brilliant time in a social situation. Positive visualization is half the battle!

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# Take deep breaths

If you feel the symptoms of nervousness approaching, it is a good idea to take some slow, deep breathes to try and calm down.

Breathing slowly and steadily helps lower your heart rate because your focus will all be concentrated rather than running away with you and allowing you to get even more worked up.

# Breathe into a paper bag

If you have a paper bag handy then breathing into one helps slow your racing heart and keep you calm.

# Have a mantra

If you convince yourself that you are going to be okay and not get too nervous, it is much more likely you’ll be able to keep those nerves in check. Come up with a positive mantra and repeat this to yourself. Whether out loud or in your head, the more you tell yourself you’ll be great, the more you start to believe it.

tips to ease nervousness,tips to handle nervousness,mates and me,relationship tips,nervousness

# Get medical help

If your anxiety is bad, it is a good idea to visit your doctor and see how they can help you. While medication should be a last resort, there is plenty of advice your doctor can give you. It might be well worth a visit.

# Talk about it

Don’t keep your worries bottled up! If you feel nervous about something, talk to someone about it. A good friend or relative, someone you trust, are perfect to share your feelings with. They reassure you and make you feel more confident too.

# Distract yourself

If you feel nervous about something, try to completely distract yourself with something else. Often, by diverting our attention to something else we get over our nerves quickly. It might be listening to music, getting involved in an interesting conversation, or doing a completely different activity, but keeping yourself busy and distracted is a great way to get over those nerves.

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